The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) seeks people who are committed to producing high-quality work in an intellectually challenging environment.

MedPAC is a small, nonpartisan federal agency that advises the U.S. Congress on Medicare payments to health care providers and issues affecting access to and quality of care received by Medicare beneficiaries. MedPAC staff evaluate Medicare policies, develop options for consideration by the Commission, and present their work in regular public meetings. MedPAC publishes its recommendations and supporting analyses in two annual reports to the Congress and in other reports periodically mandated by the Congress. In addition, staff prepare analyses of proposed regulations, write issue briefs, and contribute to the preparation of Congressional testimony. They provide technical support as needed to staffs of Congressional committees through memos and briefings.

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    The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) seeks a senior health policy analyst committed to producing high-quality work in an intellectually challenging environment. Depending on qualifications, exceptionally well-qualified applicants may be considered at the Principal Policy Analyst level.

    MedPAC is a small, nonpartisan Congressional agency that advises the U.S. Congress on Medicare payments to health care providers and health plans, and issues affecting access to and quality of care received by Medicare beneficiaries.

    MedPAC analytic staff members conduct empirical research to evaluate Medicare policies, develop options for consideration by the Commission, and present their work in regular public meetings.
    They also provide technical support as needed to Congressional committees through memos and briefings. MedPAC publishes its recommendations and supporting analyses in two annual reports to the Congress and in other reports periodically mandated by the Congress. There are also limited opportunities to publish research findings in peer-reviewed journals.

    Senior analysts must be able to frame policy questions, develop research plans, and conduct quantitative analysis with minimal supervision. They must be willing to work independently or as part of a team, taking or giving direction as needed by a particular project.

    Analytical skills:
    • ability to analyze Medicare policies, identify issues of relevance to the Congress, develop policy options and evaluate their implications
    • resourcefulness to investigate complex issues and synthesize quantitative and qualitative information
    • familiarity and comfort with statistics, econometrics, or microsimulation models; familiarity with a wide range of health care and Medicare data
    • ability to research varied topics as needed by the Commission

    Writing and communications skills:
    • ability to produce high-quality, clear, concise written work under deadline
    • strong speaking skills to present research at MedPAC’s public meetings and to communicate with both technical and nontechnical audiences

    Education  and experience:
    • a graduate degree in economics, quantitative methods, health services research, public policy, or health administration
    • at least five years of post-graduate experience with federal or state government, a university, a policy research organization, or a health care provider organization or health care system
    • analytic experience involving Medicare or other public or private payer payment systems, including fee-for-service, managed care, or alternative payment models

    Salary commensurate with experience. Must be a U.S. citizen. To apply, please send a resume or curriculum vitae to, or mail to:

    James E. Mathews, Ph.D.
    Executive Director, MedPAC
    425 I Street, NW, Suite 701
    Washington, DC 20001

    Term Expires:
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    You are invited to submit a proposal in accordance with the requirements of the attached solicitation. The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) expects to award a Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee Contract. The contract will cover two initial contract periods, one 15-day transition period from September 14, 2018 through September 30, 2018 (the 15-day transition period only applies to a contractor other than the incumbent); and a one-year base contract period from October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019. Please provide your response to this Request for Proposal by close of business July 27, 2018. Submit your electronic response to
    The proposal must be signed by an official authorized to bind the offer, and it must contain a statement to the effect that the proposal is firm for a period of at least 60 days from the date set for receipt of proposal, including any extensions thereof.
    This solicitation does not commit MedPAC to pay any cost incurred in the submission of proposals nor to procure or contract for supplies or services. Should you require any additional information regarding the statement of work, please feel free to contact me at the phone number/email below.
    If you have any questions regarding this solicitation, please submit your questions to Tim Gulley via e-mail
    The period of performance for this contract has a base period of one (1) year and two (2) one-year option periods. The period of performance, including all options is as follows:
    Base Period October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019
    Option Period 1 October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020
    Option Period 2 October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021
    The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (“MedPAC,” or “the Commission”) is a small (<40 full-time equivalent positions), independent non-partisan legislative branch agency that advises the Congress on issues related to the Medicare program. The Commission currently maintains its own internal computer network, consisting of several servers (e-mail, data, telecommunications, et cetera; more complete detail below), approximately 40 wired workstations, and internet hardware / software that also serves to permit Commission staff to access MedPAC’s network remotely from a variety of personal devices. MedPAC’s information technology (IT) architecture is largely maintained by a single IT manager on staff.
    Over the last decade, Congressional need for MedPAC’s analytic work products have put tremendous demands on our computer network. We currently house quantities of individually-identifiable health information (subject to data protection requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) disproportionate to the size of the agency (we estimate we currently work with ~12 terabytes of online data residing on our network). Further, as workload has increased, our staff are now expected to be available on a nearly “around the clock” basis to handle existing standing assignments or to respond to ad hoc requests from the Congress. In recent years, these increasing demands have strained our network resources to their limits, resulting in reliability issues or system crashes that have at times put our ability to perform mission-critical activities at risk.
    Within the last year, MedPAC has implemented a number of system upgrades to address these issues: Also regular scheduled maintenance of servers and equipment and regular firmware upgrades. Expectations of the contractor are as follows. 1) ongoing remote monitoring of our network’s operations, and 2) ad hoc backup end-user support and elevated technical support for MedPAC’s IT manager
    1. SYSTEM Overview
    The System provides LAN/WAN connectivity for the entire organization. It links Cisco routers and 6 x T-1 lines to provide WAN connectivity. Cisco 4000 routers linked by dedicated T-1 lines provide high-bandwidth connectivity between sites with heavy WAN traffic (e.g., Citrix and S-3 secure cloud). Figure 1-1 presents the Data Network diagram for the WAN. Switches and hubs from various manufacturers provide LAN connectivity.
    The following is a preliminary list of network hardware and software items to be managed:
    ▪ Cisco 4000 Series Routers
    ▪ Cisco 5500 ASDM
    ▪ 6 x T-1 Multilink Bundle
    ▪ Netgear Ready NAS
    ▪ Netgear Managed Switches
    ▪ HP Network Multi-Function Printers
    ▪ Mitel Phone System, including PRI line connectivity
    ▪ Microsoft 2008 R2 Active Directory and DNS
    ▪ Microsoft File and Print Server
    ▪ Microsoft Sharepoint Office 365
    ▪ Microsoft Hyper-V server hosting virtual desktops and virtual server
    ▪ Microsoft Outlook Office 365
    MedPAC wishes to consult with a third-party information technology support firm to assist with two general tasks, which will be awarded under a single contract (i.e., they are not separable):
    i) Remote monitoring / troubleshooting / intervention of MedPAC’s network operations. Monitoring should include all mission-critical aspects of MedPAC’s network (servers, e-mail, firewall and network security, et cetera). Monitoring should be implemented for hardware issues, software issues, and security issues (network intrusions, et cetera). Monitoring processes should generate immediate notifications (e-mail, SMS text) of any anomalies that are sent to the contractor’s on-call technical staff, MedPAC’s IT manager, and other designated MedPAC executive staff. The contractor should advise as to when software updates should be applied.
    ii) Provide standing and ad hoc backup support to MedPAC’s information technology manager during planned or unplanned absences, and serve as an elevation resource for MedPAC’s IT manager in troubleshooting IT issues as warranted. Based on the familiarization obtained through the IT audit described in (B)(i), the selected contractor would provide backup support to MedPAC’s IT manager in several capacities:
    a. Provide frontline end-user support to MedPAC staff during the IT manager planned (e.g., vacation) or unplanned (e.g., illness) absences from MedPAC’s offices, and
    b. Monthly check-in with MedPAC’s IT manager re: system performance / updates, and provide elevated technical assistance to MedPAC’s IT manager in troubleshooting higher-level issues with MedPAC’s computer networks.
    Performance of all tasks under B(ii) will be done on a collaborative basis (i.e., either the end-user or the IT manager should be fully engaged in any troubleshooting, et cetera, and be made aware of problem diagnosis and resolution to the degree appropriate to the situation). We do not desire solutions that involve full remote desktop control that disengages the MedPAC staffer being assisted.
    These tasks are not separable – interested offerors must submit a proposal that responds to both tasks, and a contract will be awarded to a single entity to perform both tasks.
    i) Remote monitoring / troubleshooting / intervention of MedPAC’s network. We would anticipate that this task would require a maximum of 1-2 days of on-site assessment by the contractor’s personnel assigned to this task to validate all hardware / software implicated in the monitoring requirement, and establish all necessary remote connections and alerts. We require a weekly e-mail summary of any issues affecting the network identified through remote monitoring (or an affirmation that no issues have occurred), and a monthly telephone or in-person synopsis of issues and recommended updates.
    ii) Ad hoc support. We roughly estimate the level of effort associated with the tasks under Section B(ii), above, as follows:
    a. Frontline end-user support. Rough estimate of approximately 100 hours / year. We anticipate that the majority of this work could be performed from the selected contractor’s location by telephone, but on occasion the contractor’s staff may be required to work in-person at MedPAC’s offices. In their proposals offerors should include in the level of effort the implementation of a ticketing portal that would permit tracking of responses to end-user assistance requests that could be exercised at MedPAC’s discretion.
    b. Monthly check-in / higher-level support. We anticipate2-3 hours each month on-site at MedPAC’s offices for a regular check in, with higher-level support requested as needed.
    Interested offerors should submit questions regarding this solicitation within 5 calendar days of its posting date. MedPAC will circulate all questions received (with offeror de-identified), with responses, within 5 calendar days of publication date of the solicitation.
    All potential offers must submit complete proposals, including detailed responses to each of the two tasks described above, no later than 22 calendar days from the publication date of this solicitation. Late submissions will not be considered. Proposals may be submitted via certified mail or other delivery methods with delivery verification to:
    Contracts Officer
    Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
    425 Eye Street, NW
    Suite 701
    Washington, DC 20001
    Proposals may also be submitted via e-mail to
    For Task 1, proposals must include technical approaches to the monitoring process, including a list of specific monitoring functions, report frequencies (e-mail and phone), and the offeror’s primary point of contact with responsibility for this contract.
    For Task 2, proposals should describe the proposed technical approach to providing end-user support to MedPAC staff (e.g., telephone or in person; use of remote desktop interventions; use of ticketing system; escalation; reporting outcomes MedPAC’s management; et cetera), and generally describe corporate qualifications of staff who would be assigned to provide back-up end-user support to MedPAC’s IT manager, as well as corporate qualifications relevant to providing more in-depth elevation support to MedPAC’s IT manager when warranted. These descriptions should be made in light of MedPAC’s existing IT architecture (Section A, above).
    Technical proposals should be limited to no more than 15 pages, not including resumes of key staff who would be assigned for the duration of the contract or other supporting documentation.
    Proposals should include a cost proposal, submitted in a separate, sealed envelope, describing in detail the costs of performing each of the two tasks at the level of effort described in Section C, above. In their cost proposals, offerors should detail hourly rates by the type of support provided under each task, further broken out by time of day: regular business hours, after hours, weekends, et cetera. Rates should be fully-loaded rates, and offers should specify whether rates for on-site support are charged only for time spent at MedPAC’s offices, or whether additional charges for travel time would be invoiced. MedPAC would purchase any recommended hardware / software directly, so offerors should not include such items in their cost proposals. Offerors should minimize non-direct labor costs in their cost proposals.
    Technical proposals will be evaluated and weighted per the following criteria:
    Understanding of MedPAC’s overall needs: 30%
    Technical responsiveness to the solicitation: 25%
    Likelihood of proposed solution to result ensure reliability and performance of MedPAC’s computer networks: 25%
    Corporate qualifications, comparable experience, references, et cetera: 20%
    Technical proposals will be reviewed first to determine which proposals received are technically acceptable and responsive to the solicitation. Those deemed technically acceptable will then be evaluated on the basis of their corresponding cost proposal.
    We are currently planning to make an award under this solicitation by September 4, 2018, but such planning does not constitute a guarantee in this regard.
    Term Expires:

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